Download AVG Antivirus Free 2013

AVG Antivirus 2013 Free

AVG Antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus has used computer user. There are two version of AVG Antivirus, AVG antivirus Free and AVG antivirus Pro. Now AVG has updated its popular AVG Antivirus Free software and it now fully supports Windows 8 as well.

The new user interface of AVG Antivirus Free 2013 is new metro such as metro UI for Windows 8 user interface that lets you easily access all features and options as Real-time protection, on demand scan, link scanner surf guard, email protection, do not track, identity protection, Wi-Fi guard, smart scanner, AVG turbo scan, and social networking protection are some of the smart features present in AVG AntiVirus Free 2013.

Download AVG Antivirus 2013 Free
As we know that AVG Antivirus Free 2013 offers only basic protection to your PC. It can detect and stop viruses, threats, and malware. But if you want to more protection to your pc, you need to buy the AVG Internet Security 2013 or any other good security software. To Uninstall AVG Antivirus 2013 you can use AVG Anti virus Removal Tools.

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dani said...

thanks infonya! belum memasuki tahun 2013
tapi sudah ada softwarenya

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