How to get Windows 8 for Dummies Free E-Book

Every one know about new OS from Microsoft, that is Windows 8. Windows 8 Pro has released on October 2012 in few days ago. Windows 8 comes with new many features that you don't want to missed. As guide to starting in windows 8, Dell offering free e-book,Windows 8 for Dummies available for download in PDF format which you can download for free.

Windows 8 for Dummies free e-book

Visit this address ( and fill the form to download e-book. You need to provide your name, company name, email address, phone number and other details and then click Submit

Table of Contents
  • The New Start screen
  • The Traditional desktop
  • Storage: Internal, External, and in the Sky
  • Working with Apps
  • Engaging the Social Apps
  • Getting Connected and Having fun through the Start Screen
  • Ten things you’ll Hate about Windows 8 (And how to fix them)

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