iDriveSync Free File Online Storage 10 GB for Limited Sign Up

Many free file online storage has released to public. For Limited Sign Up, iDriveSync give you free 10 GB that can be share file across computer easily. So you have open your file at anywhere with iDriveSync.

To Sign Up for iDriveSync if available, you can visit homepage iDriveSync here

You can use iDriveSync for PC and installed on your computer and get your iDriveSync folder (Documents, Music, Videos, hotos) to share your files.

iDriveSync Free File Online Storage

To open your folder you must login in to iDriveSync for PC and you can access the folder from iDriveSync button in Notification Area or windows explorer.

access iDriveSync folder

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this wonderful info.... very nice.
online file sharing

Anonymous said...

iDriveSync has everything what I need .... archive, sync folder, good speed and other.

Try it with this link and get bonus space:

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