How To Install Windows 7 step by step

  1. Insert your Windows 7 DVD into dvd rom and boot your computer from DVD Rom.
  2. Now load the setup files.
  3. Select your language to install, time & currency format, keyboard or input method and then click Next.
  4. Click Install now.
  5. Check I accept the license terms and then click Next.
  6. Click Custom (advanced) or Click Upgrade if you already have a previous Windows version
  7. Select the drive where you want to install Windows 7 and click Next.
  8. Installing Windows 7 will start.
    • Copying Windows files
    • Expanding Windows files
    • Installing features.
    • Installing updates
  9. After that it will automatically restart after 15 seconds or click restart now and continue the setup
  10. After restarting, it will continue the setup. This step will take the most time than the previous steps.
  11. Your computer will restart again and continue the setup.
  12. Type your desired user name in the text-box and click Next. It will automatically fill up the computer name.
  13. If you want to set a password, type it in the text-boxes. If you don’t, leave it Type your product key in the text-box and click Next. You can also skip this step and simply click Next if you want to type the product key later. Windows will run only for 30 days.
  14. Select your desired option for Windows Updates.
  15. Select your time and click Next.
  16. If you are connected to any network, it will ask you to set the network’s location.
  17. And now you have a fresh copy of Windows 7 installed on your computer

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