Download Google Chrome 28

Google chrome

If you are a google chrome user, it is a good news for you that google has updated chrome browser to 28.0.1500.71. In this build contains a several security fixes. So,.. you should to updated your chrome browser to 28.0.1500.71 now.

To updated your chrome browser, you can download by following link

Download CCleaner 4.03 Free

Latest Free CCleaner

CCleaner is system optimation and cleaning tool that can help your computer to run faster with freeing up harddisk space. Now CCleaner has updated to 4.03 version and available for download.

Changes in new version:
  • Added cleaning for Express Scribe, Gom Player, Skype Metro App, Twitter Metro and Adobe Reader Touch
  • Added command line option to reboot after cleaning (/AUTO /RESTART)
  • Added Cookie management for multiple users (Pro Version)
  • Added Thai translation
  • Improved cleaning for Microsoft Office 2013
  • Improved Firefox cleaning: Site Preferences, History and Startup items
  • Improved Internet Explorer 10 cleaning: Saved Passwords, Userdata Cookies and Last Download Location
  • Improved Internet Explorer 9 Last Download Location cleaning
  • Improved localization and language support
  • Improved Opera Cache cleaning
  • Improved Startup item management for multiple users on Windows 8 (Pro Version)
  • Updated Startup items detection for Firefox and Google Chrome

You can download the latest CCleaner with following link here

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