How to get Windows 8 for Dummies Free E-Book

Every one know about new OS from Microsoft, that is Windows 8. Windows 8 Pro has released on October 2012 in few days ago. Windows 8 comes with new many features that you don't want to missed. As guide to starting in windows 8, Dell offering free e-book,Windows 8 for Dummies available for download in PDF format which you can download for free.

Windows 8 for Dummies free e-book

Visit this address ( and fill the form to download e-book. You need to provide your name, company name, email address, phone number and other details and then click Submit

Table of Contents
  • The New Start screen
  • The Traditional desktop
  • Storage: Internal, External, and in the Sky
  • Working with Apps
  • Engaging the Social Apps
  • Getting Connected and Having fun through the Start Screen
  • Ten things you’ll Hate about Windows 8 (And how to fix them)

Log in directly into Windows without entering password

Usually when start your windows (xp, windows 7 or windows 8), you will be enter your user name and the password to be able login in to windows. This is very usefull to protect your PC from another user from unauthorized access and other users should be do it too. Your personal data will be safe from another person. But if you are the one person who use the computer, you may can using this trick to pass the login in to windows without entering the password.

This is the trick to be able to log in to Windows without entering any user name or password.
  1. Press Win + R to open Run and then type control userpasswords2 and press enter

    control userpasswords2

  2. Uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and click OK.

    Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer

  3. Restart the computer, and you will not be asked to enter your username and password

Download CCleaner 3.24

Many ways that we can do to optimization windows system. One of the ways is using Software such as CCleaner. CCleaner cleans of traces of the online activities and unused temporary files. Now CCleaner has updated to CCleaner 3.24.

CCleaner 3.24

New changes for CCleaner 3.24 are :
  • Optimized architecture for 64-bit builds of Windows 7 and 8.
  • Added Firefox Plugin and Extension management.
  • Added cleaning for AVG AntiVirus 2013, 4Sync, Copernic, DVDFab, Inkscape and PKZip.
  • Improved Firefox Aurora cookie cleaning.
  • Improved Chrome Canary Saved Form Information cleaning.
  • Improved cleaning for Windows MRUs.
  • Faster automatic updating for Pro version.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.
If you want to use this software, you can download by using following link.

Download Advanced System Care Free 6

Advanced SystemCare (ASC) is software that can help you to uncrease performance your computer with easily. Now, Iobit has Advanced SystemCare 6 which new interface offers simplified mode and expert mode to run the program.

Advanced systemCare 6 Free
Features of Advanced SystemCare 6
  • New Surfing Protection Technology for TOP Online Security and Safer Online Environment
  • New User Interface for Easier and Simpler Use
  • New Internet Boost Technology for Faster and Smoother Online Experience
  • New Performance Monitoring Technology as an Add-On for More Comprehensive and Efficient Optimization
  • New Generation Super Engine for Disk Defragment to make scan and optimization much faster
  • New Generation Technology for Much Lighter Installation Package Yet More Powerful Functions
  • More Secure, Stable, Smart and Reliable Performance Gives You Peace of Mind
  • Improved Active Optimize Function for Smarter Real-time Optimization
  • Improved Toolbox for Daily PC Maintenance
  • Improved Turbo Boost Function for More Efficient Working and Superb Gaming Experience
  • Enhanced Registry Fix and Vulnerability Scanning Technology Ensures More Effective Performance
You can download with following link bellow :

Download Advanced SystemCAre Free 6 (19 MB) from Majorgeeks

iDriveSync Free File Online Storage 10 GB for Limited Sign Up

Many free file online storage has released to public. For Limited Sign Up, iDriveSync give you free 10 GB that can be share file across computer easily. So you have open your file at anywhere with iDriveSync.

To Sign Up for iDriveSync if available, you can visit homepage iDriveSync here

You can use iDriveSync for PC and installed on your computer and get your iDriveSync folder (Documents, Music, Videos, hotos) to share your files.

iDriveSync Free File Online Storage

To open your folder you must login in to iDriveSync for PC and you can access the folder from iDriveSync button in Notification Area or windows explorer.

access iDriveSync folder

Download Mozilla Firefox 16.01

Good news for mozilla firefox lovers, Mozilla has released firefox 16.01. If your firefox set to automatic update, you don’t need to download this version because your browser will update automatically. But if your browser is not to set automatically update, you must download the latest version of this browser to update version.

Mozilla Firefox latest version

Following are some new features in Firefox 16.0.1 version:
  • Fixed a vulnerability found in previous 16.0 version
  • Improvements around JavaScript responsiveness through incremental garbage collection
  • CSS3 Animations, Transitions, Transforms and Gradients unprefixed in Firefox 16
  • Initial web app support
  • New Developer Toolbar with buttons for quick access to tools, error count for the Web Console, and a new command line for quick keyboard access
  • Recently opened files list in Scratchpad implemented
  • Debugger breakpoints do not catch on page reload
  • Reverse animation direction has been implemented
You can download the latest version firefox by using following link bellow:

Download Waterfalls theme pack for Windows 7

If you like beautiful display theme for your windows 7 computer, you may should be try this theme. This theme released by Microsoft contains 10 beautiful images of waterfalls. Just double click at theme pack to install it to your windows 7.

Waterfalls themme pack for windows 7

You can download waterfalls theme pack from here

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