Create and mount VHD files

To create virtual machine hard drives and VHD files in Windows 7 can do by this step.
Click Start, and then type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter,
Click Action then Attach VHD
Choose the file you'd like to mount. It will then appear as a virtual drive in Explorer and can be accessed, copied or written just like any other drive.

Click Action > Create VHD and you can now create a new virtual drive of your own. 
Right-click it > select Initialise Disk, and after it's set up right-click the unallocated space then select New Simple Volume to set this up. 

You'll be left with a virtual drive that behaves just like any other, where you can drag and drop files, install programs, test partitioning software or do whatever you like. But it's actually just this VHD file on your real hard drive which you can easily back up or share with others. Right-click the disk and select Detach VHD to remove it.

The command line DISKPART utility has also been upgraded with tools to detach a VHD file, and an EXPAND command to increase a virtual disk's maximum size.

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