My Computer Is Running Slow - How To Stop this in just a few minutes and get a fast PC

If your computer starts to flash the blue screen of death, you're registry might have some problems. To deal with this, you need know how to fix this and stop your computer running slow as well.
Over time, your computer will run slower than usual and this is expected. When this happens you only need to look at one problem, registry errors. Having a poor computer can be very disappointing but by fixing your computer registry can solve this problem.
The registry is the database of all information needed by installed programs to run. It is equivalent to a library catalog which contains reference sources of stored data. Every time you install and uninstall a program leaves invalid or incomplete entries in the registry, in turn, your computer will need more time to read files and your computer runs slower.
Since the registry is used every time you run your computer, these entries will soon become disorganized and bloated. Aside from the entries left by legitimate programs, spyware also contribute to incomplete and corrupt entries, undesirable entries and error filled files in your registry. Frequent malware attacks can even worsen this problem by causing sudden crashes and eventually corrupting your computer's registry.
If left, registry problems can cause you big trouble. Usually it will need to be repaired by professional service providers which is very costly or it can cause file loss and deletion, something you do not want to happen. To prevent these bigger problems, you simply need to install a registry cleaner and run it regularly to maintain the optimum state of your computer registry and windows to stop your computer running slow.
Some people would perform manual editing of computer registry. Although you are free to perform manual registry cleanup, one false click can cause your computer to crash or your programs will not function properly. If you really want to try fixing through this method, just be sure to make remote file backup so that you will not regret in the end.
The easiest and most reliable way of fixing your registry is through a system and registry scanner. Simply install and run the program then it will immediately scan for windows and registry errors. These programs have very simple and friendly interface so you need not worry about what you will do next. If you find your computer running slow scan it now and make it run fast again.
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